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When it comes to Redwood City interior design, Deja Blue Home Staging and Interior Design sets the standard.  Deja Blue has helped shape the interior spaces of homeowners, businesses and institutions in the Bay area for nearly a decade.

We listen to you to develop a design concept that appeals to your taste and style. We use color, texture, fixtures and furniture that says who you are and helps you live comfortably in your day-to-day life.

Read on to learn how the principles of interior design have shaped our company and style.

What is Redwood City Interior Design?

Interior design is the practice of making indoor spaces beautiful, safe and functional. Considerations such as space, materials, colors and decorative items are used to transform a home, office and commercial spaces into beautiful and useful environments.

Interior design projects take place in a wide variety of spaces including residences, hotels and restaurants, retail establishments, hospitals and more.

Deja Blue interior design services include development of design plan specifications for room remodels and updates. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Coloration
  • Lighting
  • Space Planning
  • Renderings
  • Finishes
  • Fixtures
  • Window Coverings

Today, interior designers focus on sustainable strategies to save energy, focus on the efficient use of water and improve indoor air quality.

What are the Requirements of an Interior Designer?

A trained interior designer, besides having an artistic flair, must be aware of building codes, inspection regulations and accessibility standards. A designer involved in industrial design must be able to read, draw and edit blueprints and often recommend changes to these documents.

An interior designer must work closely with, first and foremost, the client. They must also work closely with builders, architects and contractors.

What Makes a Successful Interior Designer?

A successful interior designer is able to transmit his or her design principle with unity and harmony throughout the project in a unifying theme.

Interior Designers use these principles to imprint their style on a project:

Design Concept

Every interior designer will have their own design concept. This is the start of every great design.

Most designers are trained to work in all styles, but here are the eight most popular interior design concepts in the United States:

Mid-century Modern

One of the hottest design styles today is Mid-century modern. It is a throwback to the design style of the mid-1900s primarily the 1950s and 1960s. Many call it retro as it represents simple, pared-down forms, natural and organic shapes and simple fabrications.


Industrial design draws its inspiration from a warehouse or urban. It has a raw and unfinished look often with exposed brick and wood. High ceilings, metal fixtures and sparse, neutral decor are part of the industrial design style.


Modern design is based on simplicity. There is minimal clutter or accessories in a modern design. It features clean, crisp lines with a simple color palette. Glass, metal and steel materials are often used in modern design.


Contemporary and modern designs are often considered similar and interchangeable.
The primary difference between the two is that modern interprets design that started in the 20th century. Contemporary design is more fluid and current. Contemporary design can include curvy lines, whereas modern design does not.


Bohemian is a popular style that reflects a carefree lifestyle. Vintage furniture and fixtures, globally inspired textures and flea market finds are often found in a bohemian styled home.
Anything goes in the bohemian design palette. As long as you love it!


Rustic design uses raw and unfinished natural materials like wood and stone to emulate warmth and the outdoors.

Vaulted ceilings, wood beams and reclaimed wood floors and fixtures are abundant in rustic style design.

East Coast/Hamptons

The East Coast style is based on the iconic United States Beachside areas like the Hamptons.

Cool neutral shades and light colors like white and beige, pared with blues and greens, make up the color palette of the East Coast Style.

Wood type accessories inspired by the sea are common fixtures in this design style.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is similar to Bohemian in that it is vintage-inspired style, but tends to be more feminine, soft and delicate.

Shabby chic favors a lighter color palette made up of whites, creams and pastels.

Ornate fixtures are a mainstay of the shabby chic design.

A good interior designer will use one of these styles as a common theme throughout a space. This links the spaces together in a cohesive and thoughtful approach.


In all projects the effective use of space is paramount. Planning leads to functional design which leads to a better human experience. An Interior Designer must take into account all aspects of a project to propose and deliver the best space possible in a given environment.


Interior design specialists have a deep understanding of colors and their psychological effect on the person and environment in which they are used. Designers specialize in the art of composing and coordinating colors to create a palate that enhances the beauty of the space.


The principle of balance helps distribute the visual weight of a room or specific areas of the space.

Trained interior designers know how to use balance to design symmetrically, most common in traditional interiors. Or asymmetrically as seen in casual interiors.

Bringing it All Together – An Interior Designer Can Help

If you are building a new home in the San Mateo area or remodeling an existing structure, consider Deja Blue Home Staging and Interior Design.

We have the design expertise and artful flair to help design your perfect space.
We have hundreds of satisfied clients and look forward to helping you build the space of your dreams.

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