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Principles of Interior Design

Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. 

Interior design influences the way we see and feel a room or space, so it’s no wonder that it can have such a big impact on us psychologically. The feel and flow of any room is based on the basic principles of interior design:  the choice of materials used, lighting solutions, furniture that is chosen, space and visual proportions.

A good interior designer creates spaces with lovely details – unique details that make you feel just something more than ordinary in a finished home.

What makes a space valuable and unique? How do we define comfort, style, and beauty in a world where everything is made of the same materials? Interior design is a way of thinking that ultimately shapes our spaces. It can change the way a person walks into a space or the way they look at their own home or workplace. As an interior designer, I get to think about what makes people feel more connected to their spaces, what adds value to their lives, and how this affects their happiness.

Decoration might be a very subjective topic when it comes to designing interiors. Some people are very particular in the way they want it while others just let their interior designer do the job. The common factor in this is that it can help you welcome your guests through different mediums of communication between your business and them.

Breaking Down the Principles of Interior Design

The interior design sector is a huge industry, generating billions of dollars every year.  Interior design is generally broken down into two categories: residential and commercial. Residential designers focus on the home environment by creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye while also being functional for everyday living. Commercial designs are used in retail stores, hotels, restaurants or any other business establishment which needs an attractive setting for its customers and employees.

A residential interior designer will work with you to uncover your personal style and design a space that is personalized to your needs. Your home or apartment will be designed with an attention to detail in order to create the perfect environment for you, from furniture placement and color schemes all the way down to small decorative items like vases on shelves.

In commercial settings, designers work with owners of public spaces such as office spaces, restaurants, hotels and more to  design a space that is both functional and attractive. The look of the restaurant can be as important to attracting customers as the quality of food, so an interior designer will work closely with owners or managers in order to create the best possible environment for their clients.

The Best Interior Designers Make it Look Easy

Great interior designers are able to take a space and transform it into something that improves the look, feel, and value of the property. It is much easier to work with an interior designer because they understand what needs to be done and provide design solutions

But the best interior designers are people who have dedicated their time and experience on bringing new life into old places. Oftentimes, homes or buildings become dated and show all signs of emptiness, depression, and hopelessness before an experienced interior designer steps in. 

However, what follows isn’t a work of renovation–it is an act of transformation. With just a little bit of effort, imagination, love (and money) they turn these once forsaken spaces into brand new havens for homeowners and occupants.

They are the creative geniuses who convert our vision for a home or office into a reality. The dream team of Deja Blue Home interior designers include details that will take your mind off the old and focus on the exciting potential of the new design.  We create rooms that are aesthetically enticing and functional at the same time, no matter how big or small the project.

The Easiest Way to Design a Beautiful Home

If you are planning on buying a home or investing in a property, no matter what kind of property you invest in (be it a residential home or a commercial one) – understanding the importance of an interior designer is essential.

Of course there are so many other things to look at that determine the value and price of a property like location, the size, whether people want to live there, etc.  But, even with all these aspects in mind, do not underestimate the importance of bringing in someone who can make your home stand out.

You must understand designing a beautiful home is challenging. Sometimes it takes the right elements, like good interior design, to make your house into your dream home. Interior design ideas don’t have to cost a lot either.

When designing your home, hiring a professional interior decorator is essential to creating the dream home. Not all interior designers are the same and it’s up to you to find one that has the type of skill and talent that you need.

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