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Interior Design

We make your space beautiful, safe and functional!

Our interior design services include:

  • Custom Coloration
  • Lighting
  • Space Planning
  • Renderings
  • Custom Finishes
  • Fixtures & Furnishings
  • Flooring
  • Window Coverings
  • Home Staging
At Deja Blue, we focus on sustainable design strategies to help you improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality and reduce water waste in your home or business. Our expert designers are equipped to take on residential spaces, hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, hospitals, university spaces, and more!

Our Design Style and Aesthetic Specialties

At Deja Blue Home Staging and Design, our team is well-versed in modern, traditional, and transitional trends. We can help you create and customize a signature look in any style.
Interior bedroom with yellow ceiling designed by Deja Blue Home Staging and Design near Redwood (CA)
Interior kitchen with globe lighting designed by Deja Blue Home Staging and Design near Redwood (CA)
  • Mid-century Modern: A throwback to the design style of the mid-1900s, primarily the 1950s and 1960s, Mid-century modern is one of the hottest design styles today. This style features simple, pared-down forms and fabrications. With natural and organic shapes, we can help you achieve a retro look and feel.
  • Industrial: Drawing inspiration from warehouses and urban construction, industrial design features a raw and unfinished look. Utilizing exposed brick, wood, metal fixtures, and neutral décor, this style emphasizes high ceilings and open space.
  • Modern: Influenced by design started in the 20th century, the modern style is based on simplicity. Featuring clean, crisp lines with a simple color palette and minimal clutter, modern designs employ glass, metal, and steel materials.
  • Contemporary: Although contemporary style borrows minimalist elements and simplicity from modern design, contemporary style is not bound to a specific time period. Featuring curvy lines and natural shapes, the contemporary style is fluid and current. Constantly evolving, this style reflects popular aesthetics in present-day design.
  • Bohemian: A popular style that reflects a carefree lifestyle, bohemia design is all about the eclectic. Highlighting vintage furnishings, flea market finds, and globally inspired textures, anything goes in the bohemian design palette.
  • Rustic: Raw and unfinished natural materials create the iconic warmth rooted in rustic design. Wood and stone furnishings and fixtures help bring a bit of the outside in. Exposed beams in vaulted ceilings and reclaimed wood flooring give the rustic style its charm.
  • East Coast/Hamptons: Based on the iconic cool neutral tones and airy color palette characteristic of East Coast style and the Hamptons beachside. Inviting blues and lush greens add pops of color to enhance neutral color schemes. Wood and faux wood accessories inspired by the sea are common fixtures in this design style.
  • Shabby Chic: Favoring a light color palette made of pastels and creams, shabby chic provides a warm and comforting aesthetic. Soft and delicate, this style is also vintage-inspired. Ornate fixtures are a mainstay in the shabby chic design.
    At Deja Blue, we can help you reinvent style in your space or build on existing themes to help you create cohesion across multiple rooms.

Our Interior Design Process

We work with you to create design concepts that appeal to your specific tastes and style. Using colors, textures, fixtures, and furnishings that you select, we help you express your personality and artistic flair in a comfortable and functional way for your day-to-day life.

Interior living room designed by Deja Blue Home Staging and Design near Redwood (CA)
  • Planning Design: We take into account all aspects of a project to deliver the best space possible. To optimize functionality and enhance client comfort, we construct our designs to accommodate the needs of our clients and work seamlessly within the available space.
  • Color: We specialize in the art of composing and coordinating colors. With our deep understanding of color, we can help you create a palette that enhances the beauty of any space.
  • Balance: We know that balance can make or break an interior design. Our seasoned experts can help you distribute the visual weight to create harmony and unify design in your formal or causal spaces.
Our team is well-versed in building codes, inspection regulations, and accessibility standards to help you create beautiful yet functional spaces that can meet any need. Our clients are our first priority, but we also work closely with contractors, builders, and architects. At Deja Blue, we have the design expertise and resources to help design your perfect space.

Customer Reviews near Redwood City, CA

Home and business owners depend on our services to make a great impression. Our trend-savvy interior designers can help you glow up any space.
“Had a great Open House, and your staging made a big difference! I hope to have offers on Monday.”
Realtor for Home in Los Altos Hills

“Your finishing touches make a difference and complete the look. Now I see why staging is so important.”
New Realtor in Dublin

Check out more rave reviews from our satisfied customers! For samples of our work and inspiration for your design folder, check out our photo gallery and our blog!

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“Had a great Open House and your staging made a big difference! I hope to have offers on Monday.”
Realtor for home in Los Altos Hills

“Your finishing touches really make a difference and complete the look. Now I see why staging is so important.”
New Realtor in Dublin

“We had 100 groups go thru last night. Everyone love ur staging…”
Realtor for Home in San Mateo


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