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Home Staging

We stage your home to feel comfortable and sell fast!

You love your home; when you are ready to sell it, it’s time to show how others could love it too.

Home staging markets your home to potential buyers. When you work with home staging companies, you work with professional home stagers who will curate “scenes” that emphasize the value of your home: you want prospective buyers to see themselves in your space as they walk through your home or scroll through an online listing.

At Déjà Blue, we have the experience and expertise to achieve the quick sale and best price homeowners need. We provide professional staging services to the San Mateo area and expertly assess your property to draw up an ideal staging plan for your home’s future sale. Home staging with us usually involves:

  • Arranging furniture or removing furnishings
  • Accessorizing or de-accessorizing rooms
  • Increasing your lighting

We focus on these key areas to achieve your main goal: your home’s purchase. We understand the stress that comes with selling your home and hold the utmost respect for our customer’s needs and their spaces. With our organization, creativity, and design expertise, we make the staging process as stress-free as possible. 

House Staging Tips: Reimagining Your Rooms

Effective home staging is similar to the aim of interior design: it sets up your home so that as buyers walk through it, they enter an experience.

Buyers can more easily imagine themselves in your rooms by moving quickly through them. However, rearranging and removing furniture not only makes your home more accessible for your open house but maximizes your space. Reducing your furniture to fewer pieces and bringing pieces out from the wall helps to make small rooms feel less cramped. Just like in art, having too many “focal points” will distract a viewer or buyer from the things that matter most. By cutting down on your furnishings, you keep your buyers’ eyes on your home’s main selling points, like high ceilings and hardwood floors.

Staging a house for sale with a white, well-lit kitchen with marble countertops and solid hardwood floors
After arranging your rooms, an expert home stager will add smaller home accents, accessories, and even scents that put a lasting impression on a potential buyer. Accessorizing or de-accessorizing your rooms ensures that everyone who walks through your home can imagine themselves in it. Unlike in interior design, with home staging, you should work to depersonalize your home: while you can emphasize what made you initially fall in love with your home, you ultimately want buyers to develop their perspective on their potential home. Put away personal photos and artwork so buyers can more easily imagine themselves on your walls. Work on scenes from room to room—put a bowl of fruit on the breakfast table, change an awkward storage room into a simple office space, set a table for an imaginary dinner party—to help buyers experience a “day” in the house.

Finally, increasing your lighting is crucial to your home’s curated experience. The lighting draws potential buyers’ attention to your home’s many advantages and away from any imperfections. Use chandeliers, lamps, and overhead lighting to brighten your rooms and create a bright future in potential buyers’ minds.

Déjà Blue Home Staging Services

While home staging markets the home to a broad market, each staging plan is different. When you set up a home staging consultation at Déjà Blue, we’ll help identify the most critical aspects of your home. We focus on areas that will be frequented the most, like your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but also on the finer details of your house, like your hardwood shutters or crown molding. If parts of your home need repair or updating, we’ll suggest home improvements. Finally, once we have identified what will attract buyers to your listing, we create imaginative, dynamic spaces for your sale. Talk with one of our experts or visit our online gallery for examples of our work.

Our home staging will ultimately elevate your curb appeal and interiors so prospective buyers can’t help but be allured. Our goal is to get our clients competitive offers fast. Our home staging expedites the selling process so homeowners can move onto the next stage of their lives.

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Déjà Blue Home Staging and Interior Design serve all your home decorating needs from start to finish. Visit us in Redwood City, CA, or call or contact us today to discuss your home project. We have years of successful home staging experience and look forward to working with homeowners throughout the Bay Area, including Redwood City, San Mateo, Burlingame, Hillsborough, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Millbrae, Mountain View, San Carlos, Palo Alto, and Woodside, California, as well as the surrounding areas.
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