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Every piece of furniture and accessory you choose while redecorating and furnishing your house should tell a story. You’re not just filling space but creating a sanctuary where you can relax, bond with family and enjoy life.

Deja Blue Home offers the best home furnishings that work for every space and budget.

Whether you’re interested in home staging to sell your property or looking for a new innovative design to give your home a makeover, Deja Blue Home is your full service home furnishings solution.

Deja Blue Home is a featured supplier of Hunter Douglas window treatments. Hunter Douglas is the premier supplier of custom window blinds, shades, shutters and draperies. We are proud to work with Hunter Douglas to elevate your home decor and define the mood of your unique space.

We also carry home furnishings from top brands like Modloft, Surya, Liberty Furniture, Zuo Modern, Feizy, Hubbardton Forge Lighting, E & E Home Furnishings, and more.

What are the Main Elements in Home Furnishings?

Innovative furnishing is all about creativity, so you can combine several elements to enhance your home’s ambiance. There are several elements that should be incorporated in harmony to create the perfect interior.Innovative furnishing is all about creativity, so you can combine several elements to enhance your home’s ambiance. There are several elements that should be incorporated in harmony to create the perfect interior.
  • Space is the most important and also the least flexible element in which to work. Even if you have an interior decorator who can make a few adjustments, you need to work within the room’s physical boundaries.
  • Horizontal, vertical, and dynamic lines add harmony to make your room more practical to use. Horizontal lines make your room look wider, but too many horizontal lines can make the room too boring. Vertical lines like windows and doors emphasize the sense of freedom, while dynamic lines created using stairs add energy and movement to the room.
  • Natural and man-made light should be both combined to bring out the essence of the room. Lighting can be used for a defined purpose, to add ambiance, or emphasize various critical pieces in the room.
  • Color can significantly affect how big or small a room can look. Colors also set the mood as some hues enhance calmness while others can make the room more inviting. Patterns in rugs, furniture, and wallpaper can be used to create lines that alter how big your space feels.
  • Although it might be overlooked, picking and combining the right textures in a single room will bring all the pieces together. From rugs, furniture to accessories, various textures should be mixed to add depth to the room.

Home Furnishings Design Considerations for the Bay Area

Combining several elements in your home furnishings isn’t the most straightforward task. Here are a few tips that you should follow.

Use the Right Amount of Furniture: Before adding a new piece of furniture to any room, make sure that there’s still space left, so you can move comfortably. Adding too few pieces can also make the room look bland and empty.

Choose the Right Furniture Scale: The size and scale are incredibly crucial to consider when you’re redecorating your home. Think about the function of every room and where you want each space to be centered.

You should also think about the other pieces you’ll add to the room before buying the main centerpiece. For example, if you’re adding several chairs and tables, you want to stay away from extra-large sofas.

Choose Matching Furniture Sets: Sticking to a single style might be boring, but you want to make sure that all furniture pieces match. Mixing contemporary with classic pieces can work, as long as you know how to connect everything together. Layering pieces and matching colors and patterns from the rugs and chairs will work.

Consider Room Navigation: You should think about how you to navigate the room. Everything should be set according to the space, so there’s room to move around freely. Leaving space around beds, sofas, and chairs will make them accessible and functional.

Pick the Right Size Rug: A rug of the wrong size can ruin the entire décor. A rug that is too big will make your room look smaller. If the carpet is too small, the exposed floors can make the room look too empty.

As a rule, if you’re picking a rug for a living room, it should be the size of the seating area, with at least a foot of rug showing on each side of the living sofa. You can also place the rug under the central coffee table if you have floors that you want to show off. In a bedroom, the carpet can be big enough to show from the foot of the bed or even show from all sides.

Pick the Correct Accessories to Match your Furniture and Style: After picking all the main furniture pieces, it’s time to choose the right accessories that bring all the pieces together. An ottoman, a painting on the wall, or a vase can be just the piece you need to add to a room to make it look exceptional.

Some of these pieces can also tell a personal story, so you might want to arrange your furniture to bring this unique accessory out. Remember that you need to show your personality and style when it comes to choosing furniture and accessories so get creative.

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Modloft specializes in clean, sophisticated, and elegant modern designs, offering a range of top-quality home furnishings. From beautifully designed sofas and eye-catching wall units to sleek dining tables, Modloft is the go-to choice for those seeking a sophisticated touch in their home.

Modloft Home Furnishings near Redwood City, California (CA)
Surya Home Furnishings near Redwood City, California (CA)


Surya is a leading source for stylish, high-quality rugs, lighting, and home accessories. With a commitment to craftsmanship and a wide range of styles, colors, and textures, Surya helps transform any living space into a cozy and inviting environment.

Liberty Furniture

Liberty Furniture focuses on creating beautiful, affordable, and timeless home furnishings. With a diverse mix of styles and materials, Liberty Furniture is the perfect choice for those who value exceptional quality and timeless design.

Liberty Furniture Home Furnishings near Redwood City, California (CA)
Zuo Modern Home Furnishings near Redwood City, California (CA)

Zuo Modern

Zuo Modern creates both unique and stylish home furnishings, offering a variety of modern and contemporary designs. From stunning outdoor furniture sets to minimalist indoor pieces, Zuo ensures you’ll find the perfect statement piece for your home.


Feizy is renowned for their collection of exquisite, handcrafted rugs created with both passion and precision. With a range of styles from traditional to modern, Feizy’s luxurious rugs are perfect for elevating the style and warmth of any room.

Feizy Home Furnishings near Redwood City, California (CA)
Hubbardton Forge Lighting near Redwood City, California (CA)

Hubbardton Forge Lighting

Hubbardton Forge Lighting combines innovation and artistry, creating exquisite, handcrafted lighting solutions for homes and businesses. With a focus on both form and function, Hubbardton Forge’s pieces are timeless, sustainable, and built to last.

E & E Home Furnishings

E & E Home Furnishings offer a wide assortment of fashionable and functional home furnishings. From comfortable sofas and chairs to stylish bedroom sets and dining room furniture, the E & E Home Furnishings collection brings comfort and style to meet your unique and individual tastes.

E & E Home Furnishings near Redwood City, California (CA)

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