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Interior design is the art of making a space functional, aesthetic, and safe all at the same time. Done right, interior design in San Mateo can lift the spirits while optimizing space, and adding character to the place.

The Deja Blue San Mateo Interior Design Difference

Despite its considerable value, interior design is often seen by many as the hobby of the rich and the elite. This is because they see interior design as primarily the art of beautifying and glorifying the interiors of a place. However, interior design can do a lot more than that:

It Optimizes Space: A huge home can feel claustrophobic if designed poorly. A well-designed home works to optimize space creating the feel of spaciousness, especially in the common areas.

Adds Functionality: Functionality is a key component of interior design. This means that even cramped quarters can prove to be well-organized, multi-functional spaces when designed the right way.

Reflects The Resident’s Style: As professional interior designers will tell you, when designing a place, they are most interested in knowing the lifestyle of those who occupy it. This is so that they can design a property that suits the occupants’ needs and represents their tastes.

Adds To The Resale Value: A well-designed home, boasting functionality, aesthetics, and space, is one that will add significant value to the property, which means it will fetch good value in the market when sold.

Uplifts The Mood: Interior design will involve taking your input and applying it accordingly. Your preferred colors, styles, and themes will be effectively used across the property creating a space you are bound to enjoy and find relaxing. Designing also involves creating a flow among spaces to create optimal airflow, which can contribute very positively to the health of the occupants. Additionally, a functional and spacious place makes life easy and gives peace of mind.

Choosing The Right San Mateo Interior Designer

All the stated benefits of interior design would not be possible if you don’t pick the right interior designer. The future of your property depends on choosing the right interior designer for the job.

Some things to look for when deciding on an interior designer are:

  • They focus on your style, not theirs: A good interior designer is one whose priority is to design a space reflective of your lifestyle and personality. Make sure to note which designers focus more on your needs and preferences and which ones spend more time emphasizing their styles.
  • They have a knack for design: What separates the great interior designer from a good one is that the former has a natural knack for coming up with beautiful, well-balanced design ideas, whereas the latter is limited to conventional ideas. Look at samples of their work, ask for customer references, or look up reviews. Designers with natural talent will always come highly recommended by customers and will earn rave reviews for their out-of-the-box approach.
  • They are experienced: There is no substitute for experience. The more projects an interior designer does, the more new things they learn and the more they add to their portfolio.
  • They are qualified: While natural talent is great, the value of education cannot be denied in any field. So, when you are looking at interior designers, make sure to check what professional qualifications or certifications they hold.

The Rise of Interior Design

Interior design has seen an explosion in popularity over the years.

More and more people out there want their places designed to suit their lifestyle and preferences while also benefitting from added functionality, safety, and aesthetics.

The fact that property prices in the Bay area have made large properties or pieces of land unaffordable has only made the concept of making the most of limited space a more inviting one.

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