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In the past, interior design was seen as the hobby of the rich. However, over time, as people gained an understanding of exactly what Burlingame interior design comprised of and developed more discerning tastes in their preferred style of decor, it became an integral component for people from all walks of life.

Not only are homeowners enlisting interior design services on a more frequent basis to get just the right look for their home, but commercial businesses are also engaging similar services with the purpose of making their place more visitor/customer-friendly.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

For many, an interior designer is just someone who primarily works to make your space more appealing and elegant. However, interior design, as a job, encompasses much more than that.

Put in a few words, an interior designer is a professional who researches, plans, coordinates, and implements interior design and space planning. They complete all types of interior design projects and for spaces (of any shape and size) to create the desired environment. An interior designer works to add aesthetic and functional value to specific areas and space in the most effective manner possible.

A successful interior designer is essentially a “jack-of-all-trades”, well-versed in the following areas:

  • Spatial Awareness: An interior designer should have the expert ability to assess a space and create design concepts that maximizes its functional and aesthetic value while sticking to the vision of the client. This involves understanding the scale, size, and proportion of the space they are working with relative to its bigger environment.
  • Structural Requirements: To be able to come up with a practical design for a given space and have a constructive collaboration with the architect on the job, it is of the essence that an interior designer knows basic structural requirements.
  • Building Codes: To be able to understand the design possibilities available for a specific space, the interior designer needs to have a general understanding of the building codes and the limitations and requirements that exist because of them.
  • Health and Safety Regulations: Again, an interior designer needs to be aware of the various health and safety regulations in place, which can impact the design, materials, and execution employed in the project.
  • Colors, Textures, and Materials: It is only expected that an interior designer will know their colors, shades, combinations, and contrasts and know how to blend them well with different textures to create the desired environment for a given space. Additionally, a good interior designer will be an expert in knowing the wide range of materials available to them and which ones will be best to go about creating a specific look or feel.
  • Trends and Styles: An interior designer typically should be your go-to for helping you create an updated, currently relevant look for your place. And it is part of their job to use their good taste to blend your vision with the current trends and deliver the best possible results while working around the building codes, safety regulations, etc.
  • Sustainability: With this generation being a lot more aware of and committed to sustainability, interior designers who have evolved to offer environment-friendly, space-utilizing, sustainable designs have found a means of remaining relevant to the times while delivering custom solutions to their clients.

Why Choose Us as Your Burlingame Interior Designer

Interior design is our specialty. Whatever the size, shape, and nature of space, we have the expertise, experience and design ideas to complete the job right.

Not only is our professional interior design team highly qualified in all the areas mentioned above, but it is also a team with considerable local experience.

This means they are comprehensively aware of the local codes and regulations, the local market rates of materials, the availability of said materials, and are updated on the most currently trending interior design styles in the region.

We are passionate, driven professionals, exclusively committed to understanding and delivering your vision in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

So, contact our interior design firm today for your Burlingame interior design needs and let us help you create the look you want with our own personal touch of quality and style.


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