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Digital Home Staging

Save time and money staging your home!

Menlo Park digital home staging, also known as virtual home staging, is a technologically advanced home staging process that uses specialized software to transform the empty home into a fully furnished and decorated property.

Digital home staging aims to help interested buyers visualize the potential of a vacant home and property without incurring the hefty cost of traditional physical staging.

More and more real estate agents and interior designers are recognizing the benefits of digital staging in the real estate market.

Why Use Menlo Park Digital Staging

There are numerous reasons why virtual home staging makes for a great choice for real estate professionals when marketing a property to prospective buyers:

  •  Increases Buyer Interest: Virtual staging allows you to digitally accessorize all the rooms in the property in a manner that highlights its strengths. Homebuyers are more attracted to real estate photos of well-furnished homes. It is easier for them to imagine themselves living in such properties.
  • Cost-effective: Actual staging involves time and money. Hiring a furniture stager, getting furniture in the home, and capturing the right images all require a considerable financial investment. As opposed to this, digital home staging can fill the empty rooms digitally with the best decor, virtual furniture and accessories at a fraction of the cost. The cost involved is mainly the one-off fee of digitally designing the interiors of the property.
  • Saves Time and Energy:  Traditional home staging can be labor-intensive, time-consuming, and often very expensive.  A typical staging involves hiring the stager, bringing in the furniture, setting it up, etc. However, an expert on a computer using tailor-made software can complete virtual staging in a matter of hours. You can have the whole house digitally staged within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Sells Properties Faster: For most homebuyers, the search for a home begins online. Digital home staging allows you to target and attract buyers at this very early stage. A visually engaging property is more likely to catch a buyer’s attention and retain his interest. And the more buyers there are, the sooner the right offer will be made and the faster the property will be sold.
  • Can Target Specific Market Segments: Digital staging facilitates customizing of the property’s decor per homebuyer preferences.  This allows the realtor to target the group of buyers most likely to buy the property. So if your local market’s target buyers prefer homes in a particular design style, like contemporary, then you can digitally design the home accordingly and increase your property’s chances of getting noticed.

Only the Best Digital Virtual Staging Services

If you are thinking about using digital staging as a tool to sell your properties then please consider Deja Blue Home Staging and Interior Design. Why? Because we offer the best virtual staging services and provide several benefits to our clients:

  • Cost-effective Professional Service: We are a cost-effective alternative to traditional staging. Our virtual digital solution is a high-quality service offered by a team of dedicated professionals at the most economic rates within the Menlo Park digital staging market.
  • Endless Possibilities: Digital staging offers endless possibilities in the form of limitless design.  From realistic images to a wide variety of decor and lightning-quick turnaround times, the choices are endless. Digital staging offers a plethora of options, making sure to cater to the wide-ranging needs and preferences of potential buyers.
  • Hassle-free, Customized Service: Tell us what you need and your work is done. The entire virtual staging is done keeping your needs in mind and aiming to deliver custom results in a timely fashion.

There are many reasons to consider a virtual staging company to help sell you property.  Just a few include:

  •  You want to attract a large pool of potential home buyers
  • You want to sell your property fast
  • You want to receive the best possible sale price
  • You want to achieve a high profit-margin on your sale

If any or all of these are an important factor in your decision to sell your property, then consider digital staging…and consider us. Our Menlo Park digital home staging solution is designed to deliver the best results at the best rates. Call us today to learn more.

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